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Friday, September 20, 2013

The General Gordon

The General Gordon is located  at 20 Swains Street, Sydenham just across from Sydnenham train station.  They have one pinball machine, a Scared Stiff.  It is $1 or $2 for 3 credits and is set to be a 3 ball machine.  It is in good condition though does have a couple of minor issues.

The saucy minx herself

The Gordon is a large pub that has had some recent refurbishments, including a new bistro with plenty of pub staples on the menu.  It's a decent price and they are big servings. 

The front bar where the pinny is located has a large TAB area.  There's also general trivia on a Tuesday night.  

Scared Stiff is a bit of a classic that often pops up around town.  It has a fairly easy to follow rule set with a couple of multiballs and some saucy double entendres from Elvira to encourage you.


It plays well but as noted above there are a couple of issues worth mentioning.  There are three Dead Head lanes behind the crate and the left one doesn't work/won't register.  Its not a major problem though as you can still use your flippers to change the lit lane and collect the Dead Heads feature.  

As on a lot of Scared Stiff machines the spinning spider on the head board doesn't spin, but the lights still work so this is barely worth a mention. Neither is the fact that the decal is missing on the crate.  

The only other thing worth mentioning is that we did get a ball stuck on a decal - as seen in the below photo.  This only happened once and a quick nudge dislodged it but as I got the photo I thought I'd show it.

no bonus points awarded for replicating this

Overall though this was a good machine, none of the issues break the game and the whole thing ran pretty smoothly.

So, next time the train stops at Sydneham station on a Tuesday night, consider jumping off and heading over to the Gordon for some trivia, a bite to eat, a beer, a bet and, of course, a quick game of pinball.