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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Newtown Hotel

It appears there have been some changes here and the only surviving Pinball machines I could see last time I stuck my head in were the Scared Stiff machine and Playboy.

The Newtown Hotel is located at 174 King st Newtown and has RollerCoaster Tycoon, Funhouse, Scared Stiff and Playboy pinball machines.  They are all 3 balls at $1 a credit.

The Newtown Hotel re-opened a few months back after extensive renovations.  Its good to see the Pinball machines are still a fixture here, we'll have to wait and see how well maintained and cycled they are.

As it stands, while not in the greatest condition, all these machines appear to be in fully working order, at a bargain price, and are all well worth playing.

Scared Stiff - always a classic

Playboy, its been a while since I've seen this one about but its a fun machine with the chance to see some tits.

Fun House - I haven't given this is a full workout, and some will be put off by Rudy, the giant creepy head, but this is an acknowledged classic and I would like to return and put it through its paces.

Roller Coaster Tycoon - based on the best selling PC Game!  I had a few goes on this one as Id never played it before.  The roller coaster theme is a natural fit (though Im not sure how the Troll got in there) with plenty of ramps .  This is another Ill return and put a few coins through.

The Machines are located in the same room with two pool tables, two Buck Hunter machines (HD and world ) and a claw machine.  keep heading out the back for the beer garden or head upstairs to the restaurant or balcony seating.

Overall, while I was worried that the new look Newtown would forgo the Pinnies and while it doesn't have the sheer quantity (or quality) of yesterdays I'm happy we have another Pinball venue back in town.

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