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Saturday, June 13, 2015

City Heroes

Update - As of June 2016 available machines include - Iron Man, The Walking Dead, Kiss (2015), Tron Legacy,  Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition)AC/DCLord of the Rings (On and working - which bodes well as a place where machines actually get checked and fixed) and Avatar.

City Heroes is a pool hall located downstairs from Event Cinemas at 505 George st.  While primarily a Pool Hall and internet cafe they also currently have 9 pinball machines available.  I believe there were ten recently - including a Big Buck Hunter that was part of a pinball competition but I couldn't find it when I was there.

I asked this guy how many pinball machines there were inside

These have been put into the wild by The Pinball Network who, according to their website, also have machines in Maroubra and Eastlakes Sports Clubs, so I imagine their collection will be cycled through these venues.

Currently available at City Heroes are - Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition), Metallica Master of Puppets Limited Edition, Tron Legacy, X-Men, Spider-man, Lord of the Rings, Mustang, Batman and AC/DC:BiB.
Unfortunately Lord of The Rings had been turned off when I was there.  The Limited Edition version of Star Trek looked impressive and I hadn't seen it before - I didn't play it so I can't comment on whether there is any effect to the game play vs the standard edition.  

The only machine I did play was Mustang.  Not having seen it before I went straight to it.  I found it fairly enjoyable and despite the $2 a game for 3 balls the Extra ball feature was very generous and I found myself playing 5 balls each game I had anyway.

Mustang on, LOTR off

I'm not sure if it's always the case, I went on a Monday during the daytime,  but I found I was the only one playing pinball. There were plenty of people taking advantage of the PCs and a decent amount of pool players, but just me and 9 pinball machines to choose from.

This is a great find, well kept machines, apparently regularly cycled, plenty to choose from, all in the heart of the city.  Check it out if you get a chance.

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  1. Great Post, went for a quick visit after work last night after reading it. Same machinces still with LOTR back on but Xmen subbing out. Iron Man and Avatar machine added. You get 5 balls with Tron. Iron Man replay is set at a very gettable 5 million. for 2$ you can get 2 or 3 games by hitting the 5 million replay and then 10 million replay after that before it gets a bit tougher :) thanks for the post S&G! JY

  2. I have been to this venue a few times ..most recently Friday 11th Sept...and the Start Trek machine wouldn't release it's pinballs....and the other machine i played ...sorry cannot recall which had no sound what's the point of playing a silent pinball?
    On previous visit i was thrilled to see the AC/DC machine..but disappointed the volume was turned down so low......
    Did get some money refunded....but the machines need to be serviced....any way there were machines at the Bald Faced Stag pub on Parramatta Rd Leichhardt...but no more...and I spied from a bus machines at the Annandale Hotel...will try those ....

    Signed not a pinball wizard!

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  4. The game line up has been updated recently. As of Feb 2017, there is Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Iron Man VE, Kiss, AC/DC BIB LE, Tron and Lord Of The Rings.